Welcome to the Leigh Institute

We are proud to welcome you to The Leigh Institute, designed to offer a comprehensive professional development offer to schools and partner organisations.  Drawing together its four founding organisations, we seek to resource our partners with a complete offer of professional development, recognising that the work of our staff is vital to the success of our schools and businesses. 

The Leigh Institute will tie together the work of the following organisations; enhancing their offer by ensuring opportunities for collaboration and mutual support are enhanced:

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of training, professional development qualifications and apprenticeships in Kent and Medway.  Providing a comprehensive offer, which makes the biggest difference possible for schools and partner organisations.

Our Values


We deliver on our promises, doing what we say we are going to do. We are gracious and non-judgemental, reflecting on our mistakes, acting with respect and confidentiality. We are welcoming, approachable and hospitable. We work with our partners for the common good.

Support and Collaboration

We value equality and believe in the uniqueness and worth of each individual, and the experience they bring. We look to work positively, capturing what’s good and building upon it, providing holistic support and nurture for both staff and pupils.

Shared Ambition

We share a passion to make a lasting difference. We will go the extra mile to make a change for the better and prioritise activities which improve learner’s lives and support excellence in our partner organisations.

Research Led

We will be grounded in a research-led approach and encourage children and adults to try new things, informed by best-practice. We will challenge and learn from each other, working together to establish a lasting impact.

Latest News

Appointment of inaugural Director for “The Leigh Institute”.

You’ll be aware that Stuart Russell is retiring this autumn after a hugely successful and long tenure as Senior Director of Kent and Medway Training. Over the past few months we have been reviewingRead More

Our Events

ECT Conference 2023

Kent & Medway Maths Hub LLME 2023